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Air Cleaner Installation in San Marcos, TX

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to modern, more efficient homes. While modern technology is keeping homes tighter and helping prevent air leakage, that also means all the air inside of your home has the potential to collect dust and allergens. This is why it’s important to consider air purifiers and air cleaners as add-on options to your San Marcos home.

SM Air can help you with every step of the air cleaner acquisition process. One of our team members can help you pick out the whole-home air cleaner that is right for you, get it installed safely and properly in your home, and then come back for routine maintenance so that it stays running for a long time. We want to help our customers live as happy and healthy a life as possible, and we can do that with our air cleaner installation services in your San Marcos home!

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What Is the Difference Between an Air Purifier and Air Cleaner?

We get it – it can be confusing to understand the difference between an air cleaner and an air purifier. Air cleaners are essentially a filter that is built into your HVAC system, right between the AC/furnace and the air return duct. This filter removes unhealthy particles in your air, like pet dander, tobacco smoke, pollen, and more, keeping them from traveling around your house and into you and your loved ones’ lungs!

On the other hand, an air purifier uses ultraviolet light inside a germicidal lamp that zaps the unhealthy particles out of the air! Both products accomplish the same goal, simply in different ways.

To learn more about SM Air’s air cleaner services, dial (512) 212-4777 or contact us online today!

What Are the Benefits of a Whole-Home Air Cleaner?

It’s obvious – air cleaners help keep your air clean! But there are a lot of other benefits to whole-home air cleaner that you may not know about. Here are some benefits to having an air cleaner in your San Marcos house:

  • They’ll help increase the life of your HVAC system: Because air cleaners will keep your HVAC system from filling up with dust and unhealthy particles, your system will work properly for much longer—saving you time and money!
  • They clean a lot of stuff you wouldn’t expect: Alongside dust and dander, air cleaners can also help with particles that are harder to get rid of. This includes soil, dust, mold, mildew, and even fungus.
  • They remove triggers for asthma attacks: Air cleaners are especially helpful for those who suffer from asthma, as they can help decrease levels of dead skin cells, dirt, and carbon monoxide in the air – all things that can trigger an attack.

If you’re interested in installing a whole-home air cleaner in your San Marcos, call the professionals at SM Air. Just dial (512) 212-4777 or contact us online today.

Choose SM Air for Your Air Cleaner Installation Needs

At SM Air, we stand by our work. We know for a fact that we will provide excellent service in your home. We give honest assessments for each of our customers, so we’re always on the same page about pricing and expectations. Our technicians are highly trained and professional, and will always arrive at your San Marcos home ready to get the job done right. If you’re in need of a new air cleaner, SM Air is the place for you!

Call (512) 212-4777 or contact us online now to speak to an SM Air team member about our air cleaner services!