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Emergency HVAC Services in San Marcos

Keep Your Wimberly Home or Business Comfortable With Rapid HVAC Repair

SM Air knows how important a comfortable indoor space is. When the air conditioner goes out in your home or business in the San Marcos area, you can’t wait for regular business hours. You need a local AC repair company now.

That’s why we offer emergency HVAC repair in San Marcos and Kyle, Texas, including emergency air conditioning repair for residential and commercial customers. When you call, we’ll have a technician at your home in no time, offering emergency HVAC repairs.

Call SM Air at (512) 212-4777 or contact us online for 24/7 HVAC services in Driftwood, including emergency air conditioning service. 

Technician performing emergency HVAC repair in San Marcos & New Braunfels, TX.

Signs Your Kyle Home Needs Emergency AC, Furnace, or Heat Pump Repair

How can you tell if your HVAC repair need is an emergency or something that can wait? While we offer 24/7 HVAC repair for all types of needs in San Marcos, some are more urgent than others.

Some of the signs that you have an urgent need and should call right away include:

  • Complete system breakdown
  • Loud banging sounds from the system
  • Foul odors from the unit
  • Signs of electrical problems, like a tripped breaker or flickering lights
  • Overheating, often seen through weak airflow
  • Leaks
  • Frozen air conditioner

In addition, if you smell gas from your HVAC unit, you have a true emergency. You need to leave your home and call the fire department. Then, once everyone is safe, contact us for emergency heating repair.

Sometimes HVAC emergencies can’t wait.

Call (512) 212-4777 or contact us online at the first sign of problems for emergency HVAC repair in New Braunfels.

Why Choose SM Air?

SM Air strives to deliver the best possible customer service. Our emergency HVAC repairs aren’t just quick and efficient — they’ll last! Here are a few reasons why homeowners in the San Marcos area choose us for emergency HVAC repairs:

  • Cutting-edge repair equipment: Our access to leading diagnostic tools and superior equipment means we can administer repairs that are fast but never sacrifice quality.
  • Quality parts and components: As long-standing HVAC specialists and an established business, we have access to parts from trusted manufacturers in the industry. That means you always get quality.
  • Professional reputation: With over 30 years of combined experience on our side, we’ve seen and fixed any issue that could arise with your air conditioner, heat pump, boiler, or furnace.
  • Long-term business relationships: Our team wants to be more than just a one-off call. We’ve built long-running and successful business relationships with many of our clients through our dedication and reliable services.

If your comfort is compromised by an HVAC emergency, we’re here for you.

Whether for your business or home, call (512) 212-4777 or contact SM Air online for emergency HVAC repair in Buda, TX, and nearby areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s considered an HVAC emergency?

Some signs of an emergency can include loud noises from your system, your system overheating, or the smell of gas from your unit. While not every emergency requires you to leave your home, a gas leak does!

If you smell gas from your unit, you must contact the local fire department and leave as quickly as possible.

Why is my AC compressor making loud noises?

Chances are, something is stuck in your unit. Whether a part has fallen off or debris has found its way into your system, there’s something in there that shouldn’t be. If you notice loud noises, you need to contact an expert immediately.

What should I do if the furnace is leaking?

The first thing you should do is turn off your system. If water is leaking, it’s obvious there’s an issue and it shouldn’t continue to run. Once the system has turned off, you should use a towel to clean any water that has leaked out.

The last thing you want to do is allow water to pool around your system and create water damage. Once you’ve cleaned up the water, contact a company with emergency HVAC services to get someone to your home immediately.

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling?

Most likely, the condenser coil on your unit is clogged or needs to be cleaned. While there are DIY remedies you can try, you risk damaging your unit when tinkering with it. The best option is to contact a professional to come and repair your unit.