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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners for Commercial Properties

Packaged terminal air conditioners are an ideal solution for hotels, motels, and hospitality centers. SM Air is a leading provider of air conditioning solutions geared toward commercial new construction projects in San Marcos and the surrounding areas. Our product offerings and installation services ensure that your new business structure is outfitted with leading cooling solutions that optimize client and employee comfort and keep your business cost-effective through excellent efficiency and cost-minded cooling services.

If you’re interested in packaged terminal air conditioners, connect with our commercial AC service teams to find out more about how our experts can help. Seeking packaged terminal air conditioner installation for your new construction project? Contact SM Air online, or call (512) 212-4777!

What Are Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners?

Packaged terminal air conditioners, also simply referred to as PTACs, are a particular type of packaged air conditioner. Package type air conditioners are self-contained units, meaning they house all necessary components within the system itself. In the case of a PTAC, the cooling system is through-the-wall installed and requires no ductwork or special additional features for installation aside from its housing sleeve.

These units are controlled independently of any structural HVAC system, using a standard dial or digital thermostat interface. PTACs are suitable for cooling smaller living areas, making them very popular for certain business types.

Where are PTACs Best Used?

Packaged terminal air conditioners are ideal for cooling smaller living spaces and apartments, and thus are a great option for businesses that cater to travelers, or for structures that house multiple families. For new construction, SM Air often installs PTACs in these business types:

  • Apartment buildings and condos
  • Hotels and motels
  • Medical facilities
  • Home additions
  • Outdoor living rooms (sunrooms, all-season rooms)

The Benefits of Choosing Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners in San Marcos, TX

When it comes to cooling a smaller space, you’re not short on options. There are ductless mini-split systems, window AC units, and portable ACs, among others. However, PTACs fit a niche that others do not. Mini- and multi-split systems are best used in small homes or smaller businesses, and they’re limited to four units per outdoor unit. Window and portable AC units are inefficient, noisy, short-lived, and unsanitary.

PTACs also come with some distinct advantages, including:

  • Quality cooling: These systems are more than powerful enough to counter even the hottest of San Marcos summer days.
  • Energy efficiency: When it comes to cooling smaller living spaces, packaged terminal air conditioners are among the most cost-effective and energy-efficient options on the market.
  • Potential for versatility: Not all PTAC units are outfitted for heating, but the option is available if you’re seeking an all-seasons HVAC solution.
  • Easy maintenance: Because of their simplistic and streamlined construction, packaged terminal AC systems are dependable and durable, rarely needing repair.

Contact SM Air About PTAC Installation in San Marcos, Texas

If you are a business owner planning a new construction project, you can count on SM Air to outfit your new structure with world-class cooling solutions. Whether you’re looking for packaged terminal cooling systems or you’re in need of a different solution, trust our 30 years of experience and expertly trained technicians to provide the workmanship and results you’re looking for.

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